To continually drive innovation in field infrastructure, human capital and technology for delivery of large-scale interventions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Africa.                                                                  ;                          ;         ;                          ;         ;                          


To catalyse sustainable economic growth in emerging markets by empowering MSMEs with capital, skills, and critical resources.To catalyse sustainable economic growth in emerging markets by                                         


To deliver a robust human and technological infrastructure that credibly profiles, tracks, and banks MSMEs and entrepreneurs, to support transparent delivery of local and international interventions.

Platform Capabilities

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Interactively develop timely niche markets before extensive imperatives. Professionally repurpose strategies.

  • Creative Websites Design
  • Accounting Procedures Guidebook
  • Cost Accounting Fundamentals
  • SEO Optimization Services

Big Data/Analytics

Over 600 million data points collected and stored on a cloud server in line with local data protection laws/ regulations. Deep learning and insight informing continued MSME program interventions.



Over 9 million households & MSME’s identified currently and engaged in different programs and a growing platform capacity for up to 30 million more annually


Human Banks

Over 22,000 Human Banks (agents) in all local communities nationwide to guide beneficiaries in their journey of capacity building, training, credit, grants and technology enhancements in their businesses.


Intervention Design/Execution

Over N170 billion ($413 million) has been executed through the Growth Platform till date, driving the largest last mile intervention, financial inclusion and covid relief to businesses and households across Nigeria.


International Outlook

The Growth Platform is solving a problem (MSME interventions and aid for productivity) that is faced in all emerging markets. The platform and its programs can be replicated in any country with similar characteristics.


Women And Minorities

The Growth Platform is commited to women financial empowerment. Therefore, women are consistently prioritized in all its MSME interventions. About 56% of credit/grants have been given to female-owned businesses.

Marketing Services

Progressively empower business "outside the box" thinking with resource-leveling partnerships.

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Web App Development

Quickly pontificate holistic e-commerce rather than goal web-readiness enhance inexpensive.

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24/7 Call Center Service

Authoritatively reinvent multimedia based niches with global portals orchestrate client-centered .

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Social Media Marketing

Assertively leverage other's standardized e-services with fully tested e-commerce synergistic.

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How does the Growth Platform Work?

Please play to see one example of the Growth Platform in use in the execution of a social intervention program (GEEP) across Nigeria.


Profiled MSMEs




Data Points/Analytics